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Westlab Himalayan Pink Bath Salt 1 kg

West lab super salt himalayan body cleanse has himalayan bathing salt with seaweed, rose and lemon. Keep 100 percent naturally cleansing for the body. It leaves skin feeling toned and radiant. Rich in vitamins and minerals. It supports a clean and healthy lifestyle and helps balance body and mind. Use for toned and radiant skin

Westlab Soothing Dead Sea Salt 1 kg

The Dead Sea contains 33% salt and an abundance of magnesium and other essential skin minerals. Research has shown that patients with psoriasis who bathed for an hour a day in the Dead Sea improved by up to 88 per cent. Westlab are delighted to bring these minerals of the Dead Sea Salt to your bath. Westlab Genuine Dead Sea Salts are unrefined and cleaned in a natural, chemical-free way, ensuring a truly high grade, natural product. Unlike many other regular bathing salts, Westlab Salts contain absolutely no additives, just pure natural goodness in high quantities. Packed with essential skin minerals, including between 31% and 35% of wonder mineral Magnesium, Westlab Dead Sea Salts help relax tired and aching muscles, replenish essential minerals and support natural skin health. Magnesium: Helps soothe, protect, balance and repair the skin. Calcium: Is an anti-oxidant and cell-renewing. Potassium: Balances the skin's moisture levels.