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Sonnentor Organic Coriander Ground 40gr

Sonnentor Organic Coriander Powder Sonnentor herbs & spices are organically grown, carefully harvested and gently processed by experienced farmers. Store in a cool, dry place.

Sonnentor Organic Herbs De Provence 25gr

Fancy a culinary getaway in the French countryside? Just experiment with our Provencal herbs! They go wonderfully with lamb, fish, vegetables, quiche ... and more!

Sonnentor Fenugreek Ground 35gr

Keep calm and curry on! Fenugreek is particularly popular with Indian cuisine. From the Taj Mahal to Bombay, it spices up Chapatis and Naans and is part of various curry mixes. The spicy seeds have a slightly bitter note that harmonise with legumes, risotto and homemade spreads.

Sonnentor Organic Caraway Seeds 60gr

Caraway adds a soothing element to hearty classics of Austrian and German cuisine. It likes breads and roasts and enjoys mingling with potatoes, soups, cabbage and spreads. By the way, the spice also ensures pleasant bliss in the stomach.

Sonnentor Organic Cardamom Ground 50gr

The precious scent of the Orient. One of the most expensive spices in the world plays a major role in Indian and Arabic cuisine. It refines tea, coffee and many other culinary delights. With its lemony scent and fine-peppery tanginess, you can embark on a journey to the colourful Orient. Whether in curry or coffee – try it!

Sonnentor Organic Cardamom Whole 40gr

Cardamom is revered in India as the queen of spices. Maybe it's because of the costly harvest? The green capsules are picked by hand, which makes them particularly valuable. Ka-Ching! Indians season curry and tea with it, Arabs season their coffee and the Swedes are crazy about cardamom anyway. In cinnamon rolls, gingerbread and punch, the capsule is king.