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Ecozone Anti Bacterial Multi Surface Wipes

Easy-to-use eco-friendly antibacterial multi surface wipes from Ecozone. The wipes are cruelty free, suitable for vegans, biodegradable and alcohol free, and will kill 99% of bacteria including e-coli, listeria, salmonella and MRSA.

Ecozone Washing Machine&Dishwasher Cleaner 120gr

Ecozones Mint Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner 36 tablets help to protect your kitchen appliances. This bright and fresh mint formula works to clean, freshen and descale, by getting rid of stubborn limescale and detergent that has built up over time. With using this easy to use solution, your machine can keep performing at its best and you can avoid expensive call out charges and repair bills. Our eco-friendly formula will leave your appliances free of any nasty odours. Simply use one tablet every month to keep your appliances in tip-top shape.

EcozoneMulti Surface Spray 500ml

Our triple action Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray is formulated to clean and protect the majority of surfaces across the home killing 99.9% of bacteria’s such as E-coli and Salmonella. The powerful solution uses natural plant extracts to lift away dirt and grime. Suitable to be used on kitchen and most hard surfaces including; tables, high chairs, countertops and even areas of the bathroom, its cool air and a hint of zest smelling fragrance are sure to leave your home smelling clean and crisp as well as looking spick and span. Can be used in conjunction with Ecozone’s Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cloth. Kills 99.9% of bacteria Suitable to use on most hard surfaces Formulated for a quick & easy clean

Toilet Cleaner 750ml

Natural yet powerful this eco-friendly Toilet Cleaner from Ecozone is a fantastic way to help cut down on your consumption of chemicals in the home. Completely plant based using essential oils this environmentally friendly Toilet Cleaner will keep your loo tidy and your conscience clean.