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Merdian Barley Malt Extract 370gr

Every jar is made with 100% extract of barley and malted barley which contains a complex mix of carbohydrates, trace elements and vitamins. Our barley malt extract is a deliciously versatile natural sweetener that adds a distinctive flavour to home baking & cooking. Try making our Cashew, coconut and chocolate crispy squares for a delicious treat! Suitable for vegans. Not suitable for peanut, nut or sesame allergy sufferers.

Meridian ORG Blackstrap Molasses 350gr

Our Organic Blackstrap Molasses is produced in South America and is a natural by-product of traditional sugar cane refining. We only use the most nutritionally important "third extraction” which is the lowest in sugar and has the highest concentration of minerals. Molasses is perfect for baking, as a marinade or simply consumed neat or dissolved in water as an addition to your diet. If you're looking for something new, then why not try our home-made Chipotle BBQ sauce recipe! Organically grown and certified. Traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards. Suitable for vegans. This is a natural, unsulphered product and consistency may vary. Not suitable for peanut, nut or sesame allergy sufferers.

Meridian Organic Peanut Butter Crunchy 1 kg

Our Organic crunchy peanut butter is a good source of energy, crammed with 100% peanuts. Peanuts are naturally a source of protein (25% of their calories come from protein) and are perfect for maintaining a healthy diet. We roast the whole peanut in their natural skins, then crush them for a perfect crunchy texture. Delicious on toast, crackers and crumpets or added to shakes, cakes and bakes. Why not try creating our Peanut Butter and Chocolate Raspberry Grilled Sandwich recipe! This vegan peanut butter is naturally gluten free, dairy free and does not contain any added sugar or sweeteners (like Xylitol). Our nut and seed butters are made without palm oil because we care about the environmental impact it can have. We’re proud that all our range have been certified palm oil free by POFCAP. Oil separation is natural and can simply be stirred back in.

Pro Fusion Red Lentil Organic Fusilli 300gr

Drive your meals to the next level with our protein powered Red Lentil Fusilli. A grain free pasta designed to provide you with plant-based protein that delivers on flavour AND function. Quick to cook, just pair with fresh pesto or tomato sauce to become a pasta pro.

Sonnentor Organic Coriander Ground 40gr

Sonnentor Organic Coriander Powder Sonnentor herbs & spices are organically grown, carefully harvested and gently processed by experienced farmers. Store in a cool, dry place.

Sonnentor Organic Herbs De Provence 25gr

Fancy a culinary getaway in the French countryside? Just experiment with our Provencal herbs! They go wonderfully with lamb, fish, vegetables, quiche ... and more!